Putting Aggregate Values into a Table

I’d like to put an aggregate of student responses into a screen table that they can see. Abstractly, this would have the form:

table(1) = aggregate(input value)

I’ve looked at related older threads that imply the aggregate has to be put into a numberList and then copied one element at a time to the table. With some recent improvements to numberList handling, I was wondering if that is still currently the best available approach?

I think this is still not possible, as you cannot, in general, input a numberList into a table. Each cell must be entered individually. Also, I believe numberList is only a sink in graph or sketch components, meaning that is the only way to currently use aggregate.

Thanks @Daniel_Grubbs. As you know, the copying of individual elements feels inefficient and is very cumbersome, especially when the number of elements isn’t known in advance. In my experimentation, however, I’ve found it is possible to put

A = aggregate(input value)

in any script so numberLists aren’t quite as restrictive as they used to be. Hopefully there is no technical reason why transfers between numberLists and table columns cannot occur in both directions, giving some hope of this feature appearing in due course.

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