resetOnChange question | Math Input vs Table or MC/Checkbox

I have a suspicion that resetOnChange doesn’t work exactly the same when used in different ways, but I’d like to get someone else’s thought on this.

I came across this when creating an Activity that tracks the total number correct on a given screen. I want the Gray checkmark on the dashboard to activate when a student gets one - or more - correct.

This works fine for Math Inputs that use resetOnChange but not Tables or Multiple Choice. Seems like in the latter components, resetOnChange escapes its component scope and somehow overrides dashboard correct logic.

Here’s what I mean: resetOnChange • Activity Builder by Desmos


Nice find! That’s a known bug and something we’re looking to fix in the near future.

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Huh, interesting. I’ll stop trying to figure out a fix on my end for that then.

Thanks Jay!

Definitely not on your end. ResetOnChange is currently resetting everything, including whether or not a student has interacted with the component.

But why does it not reset everything in the Math Input case?

That’s where I’m a little confused.

Well it is a bug that needs fixing and not an intended behavior.

Oh, I thought you said it resets everything and that that was the bug. Got it. Thanks