Restricting Domain on Graph from Multiple Choice Options

I really appreciate the help with the coding for restricting the domain and having that show on the graph. My only concern is that students will not enter the domain correctly. I added instructions on how to enter using inequalities, but I am still concerned that some will enter the domain wrong. Also, I think that creates too much noise on the page.

I have added a screen 11 on the page with multiple choice options. I was wondering if there is coding that would restrict the domain on the graph by the option that the students click on.

I really appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

Is this what you’re looking for? I added a name for the multiple choice element, added some functions into the graph, and changed the graph CL.

Essentially, I made a function for each of the choices with a restriction for c= whatever choice number. Then, the graph CL changes c based on the choice, and thus what the graph displays.

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Perfect!! That does exactly what I wanted. I think it will be so powerful for students to see the graphic representation of the restricted domain.

Thank you so much for editing my activity with love! :slight_smile:

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