Sample Red Light Green Light • Activity Builder by Desmos

I’m working on an activity to test reaction times. I’m wondreing if there is a way to to change the color of a graph after a random number of seconds?
Here is what I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

One thing you could do is use Colour functions to alter the Hue.

I’m not entirely sure what your activity is meant to do but here’s something that sets the original Hue randomly and cycles through the colour wheel from there: [Copy of] Sample Red Light Green Light • Activity Builder by Desmos

Mike answered your question, but another way to do this is by importing an image. I made a similar activity a while back that I’ve used for various purposes. Here is the screen that you can borrow or or peek at the code if you wish.

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Hi Mike!
Thanks for chiming in. I should have been clearer of my intent for the activity. We’re working on collecting reaction time data. Your suggestion actually gives me an idea for another activity, though. thank you for the suggestion. I love this forum, because I learn so much. Guess this is proof that all of us are smarter than one of us. Thanks again!

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I think this is exactly what I’m looking for. We’re trying to collect data on reaction times and this will fit the bill nicely. Thank you for sharing how you tackled this problem. I look forward to learning more by investigating your code. Thank you, again!

Thanks to everyone here! I’m switching schools and teaching stats next year. This seems like a perfect data collection activity :slight_smile:

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