Self checking animated screen for matching activity

I copied a great desmos that animates the matching screen in desmos. However, I can’t figure out how to get the code to say “good job, you’re done” when a student has ALL correct matches! The desmos is below, screens 14 and 15 have the matching activity I’m referring too. The check my work screen will say how much out of 10 is correct, and says to go back and try again, but it won’t say something different for when a student get’s 10 out of 10. I hope that makes sense!

Add a first line to your content sink:

when s.totalCorrectCards=10 and b.pressCount>0 "Good job! You're done!"

Cool check animation.

So helpful! thank you! I can’t take cr4edit for the animation though I copied it from this desmos:
Card Sort Celebrations


Card Sort Celebrations

This task contains several Card Sort “Check Slides” that you can paste into your own activities that include car…

](Card Sort Celebrations • Activity Builder by Desmos)