Self-checking button for a slider graph

I want to add a self-check button to slide 3 (and 5, 7, and 9) so students can check if their tape diagrams are correct. It is a button checking the graph, but it is a slider graph, so I can’t figure out the right code for it.
The CL for the graph checks correctness based on n values.

Please help!

Pretty much the same as the correct sink in the graph CL. Name your button (e.g. b1). Then, I’d make a variable in the note for conditional feedback that you can then put at the bottom of the note using the {#} button. I would also make captures in the button, so the feedback only updates when they click the button.

In button CL:

capture(`n1`): g1.number(`n_1`)
capture(`n2`): g1.number(`n_2`)

In note CL:

feedback=when b1.pressCount=0 ""
         when b1.lastValue(`n1`)=5 and b1.lastValue(`n2`)=3 "Correct text"
         otherwise "Incorrect text"

Click the {#} button and choose feedback to add it to your note:

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! That worked perfectly. Thank you!!