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I am new to Desmos coding. I have found a separate Desmos activity that checks if answers to polynomial problems are correct. I duplicated and edited to fit my own questions. Now the “correct” check mark is not displaying on the Dashboard only for the new questions I created. Instead it shows the orange “warning” triangle. How do I fix this? The discrepancy starts from slide 22 to 23.

For latex you need to use `` not quotes "" for 4x^{4}-3x^{2}-5x-11. Thus for your math input put the answer between the tick marks. `` correct = this.latex = ``. Note I’m not great at getting this editor for this board to show it correctly. The picture below is what you should do.

@SteinSchreiber Were you able to get that to work on slide 23? When I try it for that slide it still shows the orange warning triangle at the top when I click on Preview.

The orange warning triangle is created by the warning: sink. This is from the CL for input12 on slide 23.
when correct “Good Job!”
#when equivalent “warning!”
otherwise “Incorrect”
It looks like slide 22 doesn’t have anything between the " " for the warnings.

The Warning sink is used to communicate to the teacher dashboard. I would probably just comment out these lines with the #. So it is operating as the CL instructs it. There isn’t an error,

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@SteinSchreiber That fixed it! Thank you so much!!

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