Consolidate student sketch responses

I am introducing students to the parts of a parabola in connection with quadratic functions. I have a sketch on the left side with the background set to the graph of a projectile. The instructions say to circle the parts of the parabola (on the graph) that would give interesting information… such as how high the projectile went or how long it was in the air.
I’d like the next slide to be a compilation of their responses all layered on top of each other over the graph.
How do I capture each response and show them all at the same time on the next slide?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to combine sketches from multiple students (#forNow!)

In the teacher dashboard, you can activate the “overlay” and then share that image with the students – but it’s not quite the same as what you’re asking for.

Instead of a sketch, you could have students drag a point along the function. Then, aggregate could be used to combine each student’s choices:

Graph Expression List:
(X, Y)

Graph CL:
numberList("X"): aggregate(previousGraph.number("x_1"))
numberList("Y"): aggregate(previousGraph.number("y_1"))

(The disadvantage there, of course, is that students would be limited in how many interesting points they could identify. Also, they couldn’t indicate a region on the graph as being “interesting”.)

aknauft - do you know if there is a way to share student sketches with each other. My vision is as if they got to see each other’s answers in the original Function Carnival. It seems easy enough for them to share a typed response but not a sketch. This would be just as helpful for me.


Unfortunately not (currently). Sketches are a tough beast, and there’s no way to share them between students other than by projecting the teacher dashboard.

OK -thank you for the response. …something to look forward to :slight_smile:

Is this a feature yet? I feel like I’ve seen someone do it, but I can’t remember when or where or how…

Re-upping this question… is it a feature yet?