Getting one student's sketch (or answer) to another student's screen

Hi, and TIA.
I’m wondering if I can have students sketch a graph, and then on the next screen have their graph paired with another student’s graph so they can compare. Kind of like the “show 3 responses from classmates” but I want to create it myself. I can get the sketch object, I just don’t know how (if possible) it is to pull from another users work. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

I believe this would be possible, but it takes a bit of work. Here’s what my thinking is to get this accomplished:

  1. Have an opening screen where the students enter their class number or something similar.
  2. Have students make the graph.
  3. Aggregate the class results.
  4. On the compare screen, use the random number generator to assign a classmate’s number to the viewing student. Assign that graph to view.

I modified a Four 4s activity to play around with this idea last Spring. Here’s what it looks like to give you some ideas.

Here’s another idea I found:

Thanks for sharing. These are very cool, and they taught me some things. It does look like “aggregate” will take numbers and, well, aggregate them. (I like the use of “max” in the 4 4’s example, BTW.). What I want is to do is take a sketch and “carry” it to another students screen. I don’t see a way to reduce the sketch to number, or even reference it with a number.

Aggregate seems like it was best use to create a full data set out of individual data sets.

Again, thanks!