Showing the input box only if previous answer is correct

In slides 2-4 how do I make the input box appear only after the student has dragged the point to its correct location?

Thank you

I don’t believe this is possible. You can disable the submit button, but that also doesn’t look like an option for text input. If you change it to math input, the submit can be disabled until the graph is correct while also having students provide an explanation. Here’s an example.

Instead of an input box, you could use a table for student answer. Looking at slide 2, if students are entering an answer into row 1, column 2 of the table.

#allows cell (1,2) to be edited if a=6
isEditable(1,2): graf1.number(“a”)=6

You could also conditionally set the question to be visible in it’s own cell by using cellContent()