Special right triangles

I made this new creation which I believe is pretty good.

I like the interactivity of it. In general, you might want to increase the bounds or reduce the scale of your images. They’re really close or over the edge of the preview.

Slide 2: change the bounds of the slider to move beyond the correct 10. Move your ball drop slightly to the right.

Slide 3: It’s hard to grab a point to adjust. I feel like you should pick one. Just the animation or just student freedom. If you want both, slow down the animation a little.

Slide 7: Feels a little clunky. Reuse Slide 17, which is a much more visually pleasing graphic organizer.

Slide 10: The models don’t really illustrate the equivalence of the two fractions. (It also looks like you were modelling 5/6 and 10/12)

Slide 11: Throw in some visuals/fraction models?

I personally feel it’s a little long, and you might consider chunking it into separate activities. Simplifying radicals and fractions, 45-45-90, and 30-60-90. You know your students though. I teach at a continuation school and this would be too much as one assignment.