Duplicating shapes

Hi - I would love to be able to create an activity based on the amazing Algebra through Geometry taktiles lesson that I used to use, very successfully, in class with students of all levels. It involves initially defining a square as having an area of x and a quarter circle as having an area of y. Students then created shapes using these building blocks. I can create a single building block of each shape but I would like a student to be able to click a button and duplicate the building block to create their shape.

This is my very small start:

and it is based on this original idea:

In class they used to draw the shapes so I could do something far more simple with a sketch component if this is not something that can be done but any ideas would be very welcome.

Many thanks! Natalie

Copy and paste this into an expression line in a graph (you may want to make a new slide first).

I had to take a screenshot of the shapes without the point and label. Then you can use the table of moveable points as the center for the image, which creates kind of an (in)finite cloner. Let me know what you think. I can help you with some autochecking if you need help.

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Hi Daniel - thank you so much, that is amazing!! :star_struck:

I have, however, realised a limitation with my idea … you can’t rotate the shapes can you? Students would often rotate them when using the physical manipulatives. Do you have any brilliant ideas on that front?

Many thanks!


You can make another table for a moveable point. I can do that too. Not sure how fast I can get back to you but I recently did rotating in another activity.

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Thank you - I will have a go at it tomorrow and see if I can figure it out!

You’ll need a polar coordinates conversion (rcosx,rsinx)+(x1,y1). Not sure how it will work with a table since it’s finnicky about the first column. May need to finagle some lists.