Table, Moveable Points, Holding Values


I am creating an activity on Trigonometric Functions. I want to begin by having students look at ratios from similar right triangles. To do this, I want them to be able to adjust the size of a triangle using moveable points, click a button and lock in the side lengths of the current triangle into a table. I want them to repeat this process 3 times. I’ll then be pulling those values into a different slide where we will look at the ratios.

I have the table filling in with button clicks. Currently, the triangle snaps back to the original triangle after each button click. I’d like the triangle to remain the same size it was at when they click the button until they move the points again, but not have the inserted table values change when they move the points until they click to add another row so that we can get 3 rows of values. I realize there may be a simpler way than what I’ve done (I feel I have seen something like this before with a single point, but can’t find it).

I’m not sure if I am explaining this well. Please take a look at what I have and if you have suggestions for how I can accomplish what I am trying to do, let me know.

Thank you!

Hi Melissa! Here is one alternative solution:

By using capture to save the side lengths in the graph each time the button is pressed, it uses a smaller number of lists instead of the larger number of similar variables in the original activity. If you need to reuse students’ lengths multiple times (e.g. for copying values to the next screen AND a correctness check), you may need a couple tweaks to make things less cumbersome. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

I was too slow. I also solved it using a capture component. [Copy of] Trigonometry Introduction • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you both for your help!

This is probably more than you were looking for, but this is how I introduce Trig.

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