Stemplot and Difference between two table values

Okay my Desmos saviors,

I am currently stuck on two things:
1.) I am trying to create a stemplot from a mc question about pairs of shoes owned. I figured I would use the mc to separate the data out into 0’s, 10’s, 20’s, 30’s, etc, mod each of those numbers lists to only the ones column for each.

What I need help on is how to get the remainders to graph. The link is below. The slides are #2 and 3.
How many pairs of shoes do you own?

2.) I am having students guess some areas and then giving them the correct answers in a table. I want them to type the difference of those values into another column. I want an error message to display if they enter the wrong value. How would I do that? The slide I need help with is #13.

Describing Quantitative Data with Numbers

  1. Am I right that for the stem plot you want to display a list of single digit numbers in the column on the right? And that this list of numbers may contain duplicate numbers if students choose the same answer choice on slide 2?

  2. Something like this in your C2 component on slide #13 should work…
    cellErrorMessage(1,4): when not(this.cellNumericValue(1,4)=numericValue("\left|${m1.numericValue}-${a_1}\right|")) "Sorry, Try Again" otherwise ""

Yes, that is correct. Thank you for your input on #2. I’m still trying to learn the latex parts of CL so you have helped me tremendously.

I always struggle with lists. And I think displaying a list of numbers on a graph is going to be much more difficult than you would expect.

I had to use a lot of find/replace to write this ugly code but maybe this could help with the Stem/Leaf