Student Choice/Correctness

I am attempting to give students a choice on one screen of graphing an exponential function or a logarithmic function. Both graphs have correctness built in. I would like the :heavy_check_mark: to display in the teacher summary if a student gets at least one of the problems correct. The problem I am running into is that if a student gets one of the problems correct but doesn’t begin the second problem, I am getting the :black_circle: symbol. This is because the non-initiated problem is not correct or incorrect yet. How can I work around this to get the :heavy_check_mark: checkmark? Here is the slide. Student Choice • Activity Builder by Desmos

Maybe use a conditional readOnly? You might also consider having a multiple choice to decide which to do. You could then use the choice to hide a graph and make it readOnly (which will override the correct sink).

hidden: MC.isSelected(1)
readOnly: MC.isSelected(1)
correct: whatever conditions just for this graph
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