Suggestions for organizing in CL?

Here is a one screen activity designed to allow students to try adding or subtracting linear systems to eliminate variables.

It’s working well, I think, but I feel like the CL could be better organized, or… anyway, does it have to be as complex as I’ve made it?

One thing I’d love to know - are there any plans to introduce resetOnChange to more elements (like multiple choice :slight_smile: )?

Don’t know that I can find anything to make it more organized. You can improve the efficiency. I was told computation speed will improve the less you send code back and forth between CL and the graph. With that in mind, I would define in this way:

number(`a_1`):  a1
a1 =,9)

Your method takes the random generator and sends it to the graph to define a_1, then pulls that value back out to define a1 in the CL.

Also, you can use variables in a graph to define your point labels, so rather than defining them in the CL, you can define, A_1 for example, in the graph by using this for your label (note the backticks for latex):


Thanks Daniel! That makes sense about the efficiency. Oh - I didn’t think about putting the labels IN the graph. Nice.