Table and Graph correct to get gray checkmark


I have a transformation activity where students are moving points around a coordinate plane AND inputting coordinate points. I know how to mark them individually as correct.

What i need help with is putting them together.

How do I change my code so that students have to have the graph AND table correct to have the grey checkmark? Is there a way to differentiate which part they have correct to change the directions?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Emma,

I’ve made something that does what you are looking for here: Transforming Polygons (templates, repeated practice, visualizers) • Activity Builder by Desmos There are individual problem templates, and randomized practice.

The first screen is the translation one - I used visual feedback on the graph (turning green when correct) and then individual checks in the table for the ordered pairs.

I edited screen 4 in your activity to show how to give separate feedback from both the graph and the table in the note.

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Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the feedback and that you edited the slide for me.