Table input change to degrees

Entering expressions into tables seems to default to radians. Anyway to change this to degrees?

For example: I want students to be able to enter in sin(30) into the table and for it to evaluate to 1/2.

Thanks in advance


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bump. Anyway that this can currently be done?


From what I understand there is no good way to do it. I have a hack that makes it possible but not ideal. I can send to you in message.

I can confirm that it’s not currently possible to change the angle mode of inputs (though I’m sure Jay’s workaround is delightful). I think part of what we’re trying to decide is the right level of granularity for that configuration: whole activity? whole screen? per-component? And the ever-present question of what the user interface should look like and/or whether that should be settable through CL itself.

tl;dr You can’t do it yet, because we still have some open questions, but it’s on our radar.

Hi! Is this still on the radar? I was looking to do this exact thing with student input in degrees. Thanks!

You can use cellsuffix as a work around

cellSuffix(3,1): when isDefined(this.cellContent(3,1)) "=${Graph.number("A_{31}")}" otherwise ""

In this case the Row3 Column1 cell I want degrees to work. In the Graph component the number A_{31} performs the calculation.

Thanks! I am looking for a student to be able to enter the expression sin(53) in a workbook activity ‘input box’ and Desmos to interpret it as degrees when it gives back an value.

You should be able to use a similar type work around. I am just more familiar with using tables in my AB’s.


Saw this one on twitter. Super impressive!

Any progress on being able to set in the activity builder the units to degrees instead of radians?

There’s typically a manual pass through that you can do where it is getting converted either in the CL or in the graphing component. If you have a specific example, I might be able to show what I mean.

Could you help with slide 6 of this activity? I have the equation in the graphing calculator, a table for student input and another table that will be hidden (but is currently not) which I am using to verify student answers. It is not checking the answer (rounded to the nearest tenth) properly because it is doing it in radians instead of degrees.

There was an error in the 5c feedback. It referenced number “s” but “s” was the student’s input into cell 2, not cell 3.

The other error was in the computation in the table it referenced the number set found in the graph component A_1, which said it was the same number in radians but there was no conversion factor to switch it from degrees to radians.


Hope this helps!

As for granularity, it should be whole enchilada. Classes either use radians (trig and calc) or degrees (geometry). We don’t tend to mix our units so there is no need to mix them in a DESMOS activity. It could simply be a set-up setting for the activity.


I second this (setting degree/radian mode at the level of the activity) as this simplest solution. Being able to override at the component level could be useful in a few situations, but the common case I think is just setting it for the whole activity.