Table input change to degrees

Entering expressions into tables seems to default to radians. Anyway to change this to degrees?

For example: I want students to be able to enter in sin(30) into the table and for it to evaluate to 1/2.

Thanks in advance


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bump. Anyway that this can currently be done?


From what I understand there is no good way to do it. I have a hack that makes it possible but not ideal. I can send to you in message.

I can confirm that it’s not currently possible to change the angle mode of inputs (though I’m sure Jay’s workaround is delightful). I think part of what we’re trying to decide is the right level of granularity for that configuration: whole activity? whole screen? per-component? And the ever-present question of what the user interface should look like and/or whether that should be settable through CL itself.

tl;dr You can’t do it yet, because we still have some open questions, but it’s on our radar.

Hi! Is this still on the radar? I was looking to do this exact thing with student input in degrees. Thanks!

You can use cellsuffix as a work around

cellSuffix(3,1): when isDefined(this.cellContent(3,1)) "=${Graph.number("A_{31}")}" otherwise ""

In this case the Row3 Column1 cell I want degrees to work. In the Graph component the number A_{31} performs the calculation.

Thanks! I am looking for a student to be able to enter the expression sin(53) in a workbook activity ‘input box’ and Desmos to interpret it as degrees when it gives back an value.

You should be able to use a similar type work around. I am just more familiar with using tables in my AB’s.


Saw this one on twitter. Super impressive!