Table Value to Graph

For this activity page. Table Value to Graph • Activity Builder by Desmos
If you look in the CL, and graph area, you’ll find I have defined the values in the table to link to the variables in the graph area.
I want the lines to appear “long” (like from -100 to 100) until the students type in the values for the restrictions.
What’s happening: the lines don’t appear until the restriction is typed into the table.
Is there a method to make this happen?
With input boxes, we could test that they’ve submitted, but not sure what to do regarding table cells.

Would this be a possible workaround:
Is it possible to setup 1 graph that appears “when table cell is empty” and another graph appears “when table cell has a value”?

Any suggestions/guidance greatly appreciated.

Trying to get this done fast and realizing I know just enough to be moving too slowly on this!

Thank you in advance!

When they enter the page, I hope they’d see this graph:

And as they type restrictions, the graph changes.

Try something like this for each of your number sinks.

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