Teacher Summary: student names duplicating/vanishing

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I am watching the teacher page during class, I have the responses to a math input box showing in Summary mode. (This problem isn’t happening when listing individual responses).

I saw students change their answers, and sometimes it would then show me both their old answer and new answer, with their name listed twice (even after refreshing). Other times, they would change their answer to the correct one, and then their name would disappear from the screen entirely. (If I went back to the main dashboard and clicked into their work, I could see that the correct answer was entered. But then I’d go back to the Teacher page and they’d still be missing from the summary.) It happened in three different classes over two different days.

But I expected to just see each student listed once, next to their current answer, and to still be able to see them whenever they had something entered in the box.

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity:
Unit 3 Lessons (Part 2) • Activity Builder by Desmos Page 27

And here are some screenshots or a video: I can’t show screenshots because it’s all student names.

You can click anonymize (a button up by Pacing and Pause) to hide your student name then take your screenshot

I didn’t realize bug reports were posted publicly, so didn’t think to get an anonymous screenshot. If a picture is important, I can hide the names from a screenshot I have - here it is. The blue name is the same kid twice, and the purple name is the same kid twice. Another kid has the correct answer on his screen, but disappeared from this list as soon as he entered it. Hope that is more helpful!

You can also click Anonymize on your dashboard and they’ll just became mathematicians’ names.

Thanks for trying to help. I realize there’s a button, but I was not thinking about bug reports when it happened and now it is too late now. (Class is over and the kids have the right answer by now, so the dashboard no longer looks like this.)

I use Desmos all day every day and have never encountered a bug before, so I wasn’t ready for this process. If it happens again, I’ll know to take a shareable picture.

We’re taking a look at it on our end and I should have something for you shortly. My first guess is that the large number of screens may be causing the dashboard to run slowly which may be causing some issues, but I’ll let you know when engineering has a more definitive answer.

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I know you’re still working on this and no rush, but just adding that I saw it again today with a much smaller (7 slides) Desmos file.

I was teaching a beginner Desmos class to teachers, and a teacher was screensharing her Dashboard view so I could see. I was acting as a student, entered an answer, then changed my answer. Both my answers stayed up on her screen long enough for her to ask me about it (maybe 2 minutes), and then adjusted back to one answer.

I don’t have a copy of the file, but it was super simple with no CL - just a question and a numeric entry box.

Thanks for the update. If it happens again could you fire up teacher.desmos.com/diagnostics in a separate tab and send over the results?

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Sure! Post here or email them somewhere?

Send me a PM or you can email me jay@desmos.com