The same numbers are showing up on each slide

Slides 2 through 5 are supposed to each have a random set of numbers but they are just repeating the same numbers each time. I thought maybe it was the name update causing a problem but it didnt seem to be. Can anyone figure out what I’ve done wrong?

It may be because you’re using the random number generator in the graph rather than the CL.

I think this one was based off your design because we were trying to stop students from writing duplicate numbers in the domain table. What would you suggest to fix it while still keeping the ability to have the answer table register duplicates as incorrect?

Add a seed variable for the randomly generated lists, and set that seed variable using the random generator from the CL.

Ive messed with it for an hour, but this is beyond my scope. In your code on the graph I cant figure out where things are initiating from, and thus cant find where to stick a seed into.

You can add it into the function itself. I always find this support article helpful when I forget how to do things random (or distrbution):

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Awesome! This helped me rethink a new solution. Thanks!