timeSincePress resets when students leaves the current screen

The activity, Increasingly Difficult Logs is designed to give students some timed practice solving log questions.

Screen 1: Is an introduction
Screen 2: Gives the students 600 seconds (10 mins) to answer as many questions as possible
The other screens are extension tasks

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When students press the Start button on screen 2

If they then accidentally change to another screen, the field timeSincePress on the Start button resets to zero and the students cannot then continue with the challenge if they return to screen 2.

I expected the timeSincePress to keep running.

Is there a workaround in the CL as I’d rather not restrict the students to just screen 2, as that would prevent the students that finish from going onto the extension tasks?

Any other suggestion for the activity gratefully received :slightly_smiling_face:

Navigating away from a screen doesn’t reset the timer, but fast forwards it to its maximum. That’s by design to (1) keep from multiple timers running on screens that aren’t shown and (2) save students from the possibly jarring experience of navigating to a screen with an animation midway through playing.

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Ah, that makes sense and gives me an idea :+1:
I’ll try incorporating the introduction screen at the top of screen 2 so that if the students need to refer back to the example they can do so without changing screen.

@Jay I’ve hopefully updated the activity so that the introduction screen is incorporated into the original screen 2, which minimises the problem of students inadvertently changing screen and hence fast forwarding the timer to its maximum.
There’s still the issue of students accidentally refreshing their screen, but not sure what I can do about that ?
Hopefully this might be a nice example of the use of the new sink, disableEdit, featured in this months #MatchMyCL.
Have I used it correctly? Any other improvement suggestions gratefully received.

Changing this to a question so that others can weigh in. Typically with anything timed on screen we are very careful, especially if the expiration of that timer stops a student’s ability to interact. In other cases we avoid doing it at all.

You might have some trouble running a timer across all of the screens on your activity (nothing that I’d recommend personally), but there are a few hacks out there that make it semi possible that others could share.

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