Turn aggregate list into a histogram

For any source that returns a “number”, you can use the “aggregate” function to turn it into a numberList, The graph could then use all of the list tools of the graphing calculator to display a histogram or scatter plot, or the average value.

This is what is quoted in the documentation. But I don’t know how to go from this:

numberList(“N”): aggregate(input.numericValue)

to getting a histogram. Anyone have a sample?

Here’s a super cool histogram from @aknauft that you can use. Just make your number list in the script “L”

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Here’s a simpler example: Number List to Histogram

This histogram is a bit different - the one above counts the number of occurrences of each element in the list, so [1,1,1] will produce a single bar of height 3, instead of 3 bars of height 1.

Sorry, I have a very basic question! This seems to be just what I’m looking for but how exactly can I copy it for inclusion in my own presentation? When I open it up using the link shown I can’t see anything to click on to give me a copy?