2nd math input needs to be different from first math input (both on same slide)

Students need to enter the x-intercepts on 2 different math inputs that are located on one slide: Multiple math inputs (with feedback) on one slide • Activity Builder by Desmos

How do I set the 2nd x-intercept math input so that it will count the entry as wrong and give feedback if students enter the same x-intercept value as their first entry? Help please… =D

The way I have it now students can enter the same x-intercept for both entries and it’s being marked as correct.

I think this should help.

Hi - I saw that posting earlier. Unfortunately it only worked for numericalvalue answers and not input. I tried adjusting the CL so it would accept answers as coordinates or latex inputs but that didn’t work.

Try this in the note2 CL for result:

result = 
  when input.submitted and input1.latex=input.latex "`\\textcolor{red}{\\mathrm{There\ should\ be\ two\ different\ x-intercepts!\ }}` ❌"
  when input.submitted and (input.latex = `\left(4,0\right)` or input.latex = `\left(8,0\right)`) and not(input1.latex=input.latex)"`\\textcolor{green}{\\mathrm{Correct!}}` ✅"
  when input.submitted and (input.latex = `4` or input.latex = `8`) "`\\textcolor{steelblue}{\\mathrm{Almost!}}` ❌ Rewrite your answer as a coordinate (point)."
  when input.submitted "❌ Try again! Did you use the Zero Product Property?
      Solve the equation `x-4=0` or `8-x=0`"

THANK YOU!!! It worked. :grin: