Two Feature Requests Based on an Example

I’ve been asked to adapt a nicely written activity but can’t see how to improve a couple of obvious issues. The activity is:

The issues are:

  1. On screen 6, the student has to enter the length of 5 words and calculate the average. Ideally, the length entered should be checked but apparently that can’t be done. Indeed, it might be better just to generate the lengths of the words automatically but again that doesn’t seem possible.
  2. On screen 8, 5 words are to be selected from a list of 297. The student has to use a set of 5 random numbers to identify the 5 words from the list and then type in the words themselves. Again, the correctness of the selection can’t be checked and it would be better anyway if the words are extracted automatically from the list. Neither seem possible in Desmos?
    Is there anything I’ve missed or is there anything in the pipeline to help?

Desmos doesn’t really have any string handling functions in CL, so unfortunately as you say these things are impossible at present. At a push for screen 8, you could have a number list containing all the word lengths in order, and compare using .numberList("A").elementAt(...) - but it’s suboptimal.

I don’t know if there are any plans to introduce/improve string handling on the roadmap. There are lots of times such functions would come in handy but I don’t know if they’re necessarily a priority.

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Thanks @pirsquared, that is what I expected/feared. Even the ability to find the length of a string would be very helpful, though perhaps its implementation is not as straightforward as I imagine.