Tying graph shading to a clickable object

Hello! I am attempting to create a test question which requires students to graph a system of inequalities using movable points. I have no problem with setting the actual lines to graph, but I am having some difficulty with setting up the code to allow students to choose the location of the shading and the type of line they need (dotted or solid). I had tried to set a clickable object to control the shading and an action button to control the type of line used, but I am stuck! Any help would be much appreciatedhttps://teacher.desmos.com/activitybuilder/custom/6291080a3995740520e9d900

Can you reshare your link? There’s something not working.

You can toggle between choices using modular math. This would change the value between 0 and 1, which you can use as a condition, or set a graph number:

dottedOrSolid= numericValue(`\mod(${this.pressCount},2)`)

Personally, I’d probably just use a couple multiple choice, and set some numbers in the graph to use as a conditional:

#solid vs dotted (nonstrict vs strict)
number(`n_1`): when mc1.isSelected(1) 1 otherwise 0
#shade above vs below (y> vs y<)
number(`n_2`): when mc2.isSelected(1) 1 otherwise 0

then use n_1 and n_2 as restrictions in the graph:

y<=f(x) {n_1=1}{n_2=0}
y<f(x) {n_1=0}{n_2=0}
y>=f(x) {n_1=1}{n_2=1}
y>f(x) {n_1=0}{n_2=1}

Thank you for your help! It worked once I set the coding this way. Here is the link to the finished version:

*Note: This question came from a KSA practice test.