Unmodified calculator entry and action not performed

I have a screen where the calculator finds the solutions of a linear Diophantine equation, using three integers and executed by one action. How can I interact the action with the integer inputs typed in the math response blocks? And how can the solution be updated by changing any integer?

I created variables in the script and tried to link them, but all the ways I tried did not get the desired result.

Here is the activity:

I think you need to take the condition off the ticker.

Thanks! But that way doesn’t work for me! I need that for each new integer value inserted, the action i_{nitM} is triggered, as it allows the variable M to be calculated again to obtain the solution of the new Diophantine equation.

The variable M is executed as long as h_{altM} has a value of 0. That’s why I put the condition {h_{altM}=0}.

It looked to me that the condition was set in the definition of M, and wasn’t running because h_{altM} is being set to 1.

For M to be executed I need to assign h_{altM}=0, but this is defined by the i_{nitM} action, as it is what defines initial values ​​for M to be executed correctly.

If h_{altM} is already assigned 0, the code runs, but with each edit it takes values ​​inserted into M in execution, providing an incorrect final result! (I adopted h_{altM} as the number in the graph script, and despite a warning appearing, the code ran with incorrect outputs with each edit).

I really need to have a way for the i_{nitM} action to be triggered outside of the graphing calculator!

It doesn’t have to be triggered outside of the calculator. You can just have a different element inside be the trigger. I think this is doing what you want:

It looks great! Thank you so much!

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