Uses of RGB Function

Does the rgb function apply to anything other than the sketch layer? I already have some workarounds in mind for what I am trying to do, but I thought I’d ask first.

I don’t think it does. But if you need special colors in a graph I can show you how I made this one… A New Dimension

The task I am creating is about changing different base systems. Specifically using the context of switching between a Hexcolor (6-digit base 16) vs. RGB (3-digit, base 256).

Ideally, I would want them to be able to type in a table the values for RGB and then they could use a sketch pen to reveal whether or not they found the appropriately changed bases from hexcolor to RGB.

Although, I would be interested to hear how you made that graph.

If you’re staying in the sketch component then initialColor should also work with RGB.

Two things to consider:

  1. If you’re using initialColor, once the color has been changed using the dropdown menu you will no longer be able to set the color manually (just like initialText)
  2. The preview at the top of the sketch component may be a giveaway. Not sure what level of secrecy you’re looking for here
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That sounds awesome! I teach AP Computer Science Principles and I can see how something like that would be really fun for students. I don’t think that is really going to be possible to implement at this point though. The hack I had only allows the creator to set the color of an expression in the expression list of a graph.

Ideally, I could have them highlight a color swatch on slide 1, and then use background layer to reference that slide so there is a color to compare to. Right now, I just used a background image instead…

However, it seems like there are some limitations to the rgb function (bug?)

0C1C8D --> (12,28,141)

It’s the color in my logo, but if you input it in this example it goes to white.

Ya. Something definitely doesn’t look right. Also the color rgb(10,200,50) shows in the palette as an invisible white but draws like a dark grey. Seems like a bug to me.

Thanks both of you! I’ll forward the report.

It would be nice if RGB could be used for the colors of functions in a graph. Because then I could have a color swatch that they are trying to obtain. And the other color swatch changing based on their inputs.