Cannot Copy and Edit - Deprecated Feature

Hey Des-Heads, I’m trying to Copy and Edit (actually trying to help other people Copy and Edit) an activity that I adapted, and this option is disabled due to a “deprecated feature.” I replaced all of the rawExpression sinks with simpleFunction sinks, searched for other features (such as copy previous), and got nowhere. I don’t even know which screens are causing the issue…

Is there any way someone could check this out and a) let me know if you see where I’m using deprecated features and b) what I might do to fix this? Thanks for taking the time.


Here’s the activity: U1L6: Domain and Range • Activity Builder by Desmos

Can you delete the commented out rawExpression (and related hidden and color) lines on screens 5, 7, 12, and 13 and see if that fixes it?

Beautiful! It works now :slight_smile: You’re a wizard, Jay. Thanks so much.

Is there a way to have students see each other’s sorted cards?

Thanks for all the help and support. I have been using DESMOS Activities on a daily basis.