Unable to copy and edit due to deprecated feature


I’d love to use this lovely activity, but I can’t copy and edit it because it “contains a deprecated feature”.

I really just want to add check-in screens and make a couple of very minor tweaks to a few screens. If I knew what the deprecated feature was and where it is used, I might be able to rework the code or just delete those screens––but without the ability to look at the code, I’m stuck! Is there any workaround I can use?

Thanks, Elizabeth

This activity uses table submit buttons (deprecated and soon to be removed). You’ll need to contact the activity author to update this activity before it can be copied and edited.

If you’re able to make contact and they need help, you can have them email me at jay@desmos.com and I can help get it tuned up in a jiffy.

Thank you!

Elizabeth - I came here for this EXACT same reason for this EXACT same Desmos activity. Did you have any luck contacting the creator? Or figure anything else with it? I really want to use a few slides from this activity and I am not a super advanced Desmos user yet. Thank you for any insight/advice! (my email is dvale@k12albemarle.org if that is helpful!)

So there’s no way to even copy a few slides from it? Thanks for your help!

Hi Darcy,

Yes, I did contact one of the creators, and I’m hoping that between her and Jay, they’ll adjust the code to make it editable! Right now we can only wait and hope, because there isn’t any way for us to copy any of the slides until the code is adjusted.

You can copy and edit the original activity, though, which is:

Cross fingers for both of us!