Setting initial choice for a Multiple Choice question

I’m wondering if I can set the initial multiple choice selection when a user arrives at a page. I’m having them input a binary number digit by digit using several MC questions with two options each (1 or 0). On some pages, I want the number to be chosen already, but they have the option to change it.


If you turn off the “Ask student to explain” option, you can click on the three dots and select “Always have a selected option.” The first choice will be selected and can be changed by the student. I don’t believe there is a way to set this with CL though.


If the first is selected, he can still conditionally set content in the CL.

Hi again. Can you give me a hint how I’d “set the content”? I see how I can set an option in the main screen, but I can’t see how I can check a different choice in CL. Thanks!

So, it sounds like the first choice will always be the one selected, so you’ll have to change your choice order. (You may want to randomize your other mutliple choice, so it doesn’t look as strange.) I was initially thinking you were going to preselect based on another answer, in which case you could use the choiceContent sink.

choiceContent(1): when yourCondition 1 otherwise 0
choiceContent(2): when yourCondition 0 otherwise 1

Here’s what I’m trying to do. It’s on page 5 of this activity.

It’s about error correction. I want the MC options to reflect the string (data) that was “received”. This populates the Venn diagram, which can illuminate the transition error. I want students to be able to play with the MC question to help them figure out the incorrect digit. I also want to add a “reset” button in case they change too much and want to start over. (I think I can figure out how to do the reset button once I know if and how I can change the MC choice)