Writing Script Check in MathInput

I have this activity 4.4 Variables, Scatterplots and Correlation • Activity Builder by Desmos
and am trying to write a script check so I can use it as part of my cover text for the next slide. I have found a way to get all the others to work, but this simple one is giving me issues. On slide #18, I want it to check that the answer is 0.30 before they can proceed to next slide. Below is the basic set-up I used for MC, which doesn’t help as I know I need something involving numeric value.

Any help would be appreciated.

check= this.isSelected(1)
and not( this.isSelected(2) or this.isSelected(3) or this.isSelected(4) or this.isSelected(5) or this.isSelected(6))
proceed = this.script.check

I think this should work on slide 18:

check= math17.latex = "0.30"

The check= you posted seems to be for a multiple choice, but I didn’t see a slide with MC.

Thank You! I was making it too complicated. My original was MC because I had those on previous slides, and I just duplicate slides as I build!

You’re welcome.

Note that your outlier slide asks for r instead of the point.

Double thanks! Too much toggling between slides

These are my most frequent kinds of mistakes. I have a hard time seeing them when I’m in the middle of making them. :slightly_smiling_face: