Problem with instruction correct

I am new to desmos so my activites are mostkly modyfications of existing ones. In some cases have problem with displaying checkmark on teachers dashbord.

This script works fine:
when graph9.number(“I_c”)=0 “bad”
when graph9.number(“I_c”)=1 “good”
otherwise “”

But this doesn’t:
correct: graph9.number(“I_c”)=1

Without this second script everything is fine. With it there are warnings (but only in preview) and checkmark is not working.

Where are you putting the “correct” sink? Try putting it in the graph component.

I tried that already. I have input, graph and note. I tried putting it in input or graph with the same result.

Since you have an input and a graph, it will not show a check unless some other things are done. Would you mind sharing a link to the screen/activity so I could look at it? It might be a bit easier to fix that way.

Goal in this activity is to write eqation of parabola that separates blue and red pionts:
link: [Copy of] postać iloczynowa • Activity Builder by Desmos

All you need to do to make this work is to put this in the graph component:

readOnly: true
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It works now! Thank you vary much.