2nd Screen of the Popular Screen Remix

Dear all,

I’ve been trying to tweak the code of Popular Screen Remixes (Screen 2: Coin Capture) in order to translate to another language. However I have not been able to find the very last message (when you capture all the coins) inside the rectangle that says

“Number of Equation {some number}
Fewest Equations {some number}”

I’ve tried so much, but without success. Could you please help me to find where those are located. (I already found the “Awesome Work” in the same rectangle, which is a label in the graph code.)

I found this one, but looks like “Fewest Equations…” is a different line.
“Number of Equations …” (#213)

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That was a tough one. The next four lines are actually conditionally displayed points that hold those labels. To access the label, you can copy the text inside the parentheses, and then enter a point (say (1,1)) and then the label will appear. Then you can edit the label and paste the content back in.

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