Add a minute timer

How can you add a timer as a minute countdown ?

There are some really cool ones out there, but here’s a simple one: Timer • Activity Builder by Desmos

Adjust max time in the first line of the graph script

I would like students to be timed with multiplication facts. As they enter their answers into a table, the column labeled “Correct?” will turn into a green check.

However, if I combine the timer on the same slide as the table, each time a cell in the table is selected, the timer resets.

Is there a way to prevent this?

Thanks for any guidance!

The issue with the timer resetting based on table focus has come up many times. There are some ways to workaround the issue as @Mike_Gleeson posted here.

I’m not sure what your ultimate goal is with the activity, but I saw this activity posted to Twitter a while back that might work for you.

Thanks for sharing these resources. The activity from Twitter is amazing.