Cropped background of image (png)


I have am having issues regarding adding an image into Activity Builder.

My students wanted to see Steph Curry in a slide when they got a certain amount of correct responses. So I captured an image and cropped out the background. But there is a BLACK background.

The weird thing is, the graphing calculator does not do this. It preserves the cropped out background. Is this a bug in activity builder? Or intentional?

Any help would be great!

I’ve seen this happen when importing transparent background images in various different applications. I don’t think it’s a desmos thing, but rather related to the tool/method you used to crop it and the file format you saved it in - also may depend on the format of the original file. One thing I’ve done when I had an image that I just couldn’t get rid of the black from is to open the image, take a screen shot of it, and then edit that screenshot file.

Strange. I used the same “upload image” option for the activity builder graph and the regular graphing calculator. They are the exact same file from my computer.