Can I "lock" correctness state? (mult choice, checkmark only if correct on 1st submission)

I started to ask a different question, and in the process of composing that post, I figured it out, lol! But now I have a follow-up question.

My goal: I want the dashboard checkmark to appear ONLY if the student gets the MC correct on the FIRST try.

I don’t want to “lock” the question so that they can’t change their answer upon getting feedback that it is wrong (I know how to do that), but when I look at the dashboard (asynchronous activity, so I won’t be watching them in real time), I want to know how many students did NOT get the answer the first time.

So I figured this out, and it works exactly as I intend:

correct: this.isSelected(1) and this.submitted and this.submitCount=1

Now, the only concern I have is that IF a student enters the correct answer on first try, and then (for some random reason), changes their answer, or even re-submits their original (correct) answer, it will change the checkmark to an X, since the submitCount=1 condition is no longer true. Is there a way to “lock in” their correct status so that this won’t happen? (This is not a huge deal and I doubt it would be an issue because I’m sure when they see their little green checkmark, they can’t click that “NEXT” button fast enough, lol… but it feels like best practices would lock it in, if that’s possible).

Use your own action button, and a capture. In your correctness, just use the elementAt(1).

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Thanks! I figured it had to use capture somehow. I’ll play around with it. :slight_smile:


Just in case you needed some extra.