Correct if MC isSelected AND numericValue is #

Would like to have checkmark appear in Dashboard for when the student selects a certain level of question (from a multiple choice) AND inputs correct answer.

correct: (pick.isSelected(1) and this.numericValue=22) or (pick.isSelected(2) and this.numericValue=10) or (pick.isSelected(3) and this.numericValue=4)

is working to show correct but not only a dot in the dashboard.

Here is activity:

The dot is appearing because of the free-response component where students are asked to add their work. There is no way to mark a free-response component as readOnly, so one option would be for students to add their work on a separate screen. As is, a teacher can still quickly scan through student screens to check correctness with the checkmarks. Hope that helps!

Okay. Thanks. I deleted the Free Response and it worked. I was thinking it could be ignored like text but I understand now how that wouldn’t work. Maybe in the future that will be changed to allow for quick reference on Teacher Dashboard without inputting image on another screen.


@ianmcmeek Follow up question:

On slide 4
I want dashboard to show checkmark if student selects:
Level 2 AND x = 65
Level 3 AND a = 45

Unlike my first question there is not Free Response BUT the students answers in a different Math Response box based on which Level question they select.

One alternative that is sometimes suitable is to use a sketch component for students to enter their rough working; it is possible to make sketch components have readOnly: true

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Try commenting out the correctness check on one of the math response boxes and adding readOnly: true. I’m not sure why that works, but it seems to :upside_down_face:
Why did you choose to have two separate math response boxes? Depending on your reasoning, you could merge them to simplify checking correctness.

@Bryn - good call with the sketch component. I like that option!

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My work around for this problem is I add a note component asking for student to explain… and then I add a table. On the table, I remove remove all headers and I remove one column so that there is only one cell available to the student. I make sure to change the cell to “Format as text”. Then the coding I put in the table is:
correct: not(isBlank(this.cellContent(1,1)))

By doing this coding, I will get a checkmark as long as the student typed “something” in the cell. I can then go back to review what students wrote but know that they have everything correct or not.

I’ve made a few adjustments to your activity. If you would like to use it, feel free: