Cannot Copy due to Deprecated Feature

I am trying to combine some activities I created last spring, but I am running into issues with deprecated features. Is there a place I can find a list of these features and how to modify them? Here is the activity I am working on trying to copy: Lesson 13.1

“Copy Previous Graph” is deprecated. You can use the following to carry over graphs or sketches (these are some basic ones, but there are other variations). Graph labels and sketch textboxes and latex won’t carry over.:

#for a graph
background: graphLayer(yourGraphName.calculatorState)
 #for a sketch
background: sketchLayer(yourSketchName.sketch)

rawExpression is another deprecated feature. It basically allowed you to type whatever you wanted as an expression entry. Depending on your purpose there are ways to troubleshoot, but I’m sure there are some that just don’t have solutions as of yet.

Thanks! That did the trick for copying the previous graphs. Now to solve the rawExpression issue!

If your rawExpressions are implicit equations, you can use:

function(`f`): parseEquation(yourInput.latex).differenceFunction("x","y")

Then in the actual graph: 0=f(x,y)

If you’re using transformations in function notation or complex numbers, there are workarounds for some situations.