Correct sink -what am I doing wrong?

Inside the CI for a math input I have this:

correct: graph2.number(c_{heck})=21 and this.submitted

It puts a dot on the teacher dashboard if the student has been on the screen but done nothing.

I have never been able to get the check mark. On some screens I have been able to get an X but not on this one.

Please help.

A common reason to get a dot but never the check mark is that there is another component on your screen (e.g. the graph2 component).

If students are not answering any questions in these other components, then you could add this code to their computation layer.

readOnly: true

That will mean that Desmos doesn’t consider them as something to consider when deciding on the correctness of the given screen.


Thank you so much! That did it. You are the best!

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