Checking correctness in a text entry

I would like a checkmark to appear on my dashboard for a text entry by the students what should I write in the CL? I know I could use the math entry, however, I’ve started the text entry with an initial text that I would like my students to see before giving the numeric answer. So how should I go about writing the CL for that?

You will not be able to get a checkmark in the dashboard on text entry. You will receive a dot, which means the teacher needs to interpret a written response.

Another possibility is to have a note with your desired message above the math input. Then you can correctness check the input and still display the message.

I’ve done this after a button that reads “I’m ready to check” with the note and math input CL’d with “hidden: button.pressCount<1”

If you are expecting a specific answer like “true” or “false”, “yes” or “no”, you could also use a table to check their text, using cellContent(x,y)=“true” You could put the prompt in the column heading.

I don’t think it’s recommended, but I does work.