Warning message on math input

Hi, I am trying to code this slide to display a warning message on the dashboard if a student attempts it more than 3 times (arbitrary number!). Although I see the warning triangle in my design preview, when I run a dummy session the dashboard only shows a dot, not a triangle, no matter how many times I submit an answer.

Can anyone help me? Have I misunderstood what the dashboard should be showing?

Warning message

Many thanks!


Hi @NatalieV_MEI - I think the issue is that you only have 1 screen to test against. The dashboard won’t display the triangle when a student is still working on the screen, which is why it’s displaying a dot. I made a copy and added a screen, and after the 4th attempt, when the student is on Screen 2 the teacher dashboard warning triggers as expected.


Hi - thanks so much! I had copied the single screen in to share as an example but wasn’t aware students needed to move off the screen for the warning to show! That is really helpful :smiley:

Can I just ask how you knew that a student needed to move onto the next screen for the warning to display? I am worried I missed something obvious!


Just something I’ve picked up from the Dashboard over time. When students are actively on a slide, Desmos tends to display a dot rather than display an X or a warning symbol (who are we to know if the student is done working yet or not?). If there is correctness assigned to every component (like a slide of just Multiple Choice), then a student with a correct answer will display a checkmark, but the incorrect answer will be a dot until a student moves on to another screen.

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