Fake Student Warning?

Student answers correctly and sees a smiley face. However, on the teacher dashboard it shows an X for being incorrect.

What am I doing wrong? Is it something to do with degree vs radian mode?

PS: It works when I’m editing the activity buts gives the warning “There are CL warnings, so this might not match the dashboard. Try with fake students.” and it is correct that things do get weird when trying it with fake students.

We show that red student preview warning what something is likely not to work right, even though its possible to try it.

In this case its possibly bad handling of degree mode, but it looks like this is a case of that warning ringing true.

I pinpointed the problem and updated the activity to illustrate the problem.

It is not an issue with radian vs degree mode or anything trigonometric.

The issue is about leaving an empty “f(x)=” for students to fill out. Weird that the calculator knows that i_c=1 but the CL doesn’t.

On the teacher dashboard, we analyze the structure of graphs to decide ahead of time which expressions are needed for computing correctness, since re-computing every piece of visualization on every graph just to know correctness would be much too slow. This doesn’t work reliably for full-screen graphs, since expressions could be added, removed, or changed in unexpected ways, which is why we show the warning when you depend on a full-screen graph. If we fix this, we’ll also remove the warning, but for now the warning is telling you that this problem may cause issues like this on the dashboard.

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