Clear / reset Multiple Choice

Hey everyone,

I think this is not possible(sadly) but does anyone know if there’s a method for clearing a choice from a Choice element?

I’m thinking of something like press a button and it clears everything to blank.

Something close(though not quite the same) in functionality is the clearOnReset that exists for Math Input.

Any ideas?

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Best I can think is using choiceContent() with conditionals. It can’t remove or add choices, but can change the content of present ones. You could always replace answers with ridiculous answers, like Tacocat, but don’t use that if it’s about palindromes.

Yeah that won’t do what I want, but that’s a hot tip about Tacocat!


No way to force unselect a choice, unfortunately. But it’s on the list!

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that would be very helpful!

This would still be very helpful.

So I think I found a solution to this problem although it is a bit situational to the type of question I was designing. Here’s a link to the question set: Numerical Properties

r=when m1.isSelected(1) 1 when m1.isSelected(2) 2 otherwise 0

resetOnChange: “${r}”

You could also probably use an action button and set the presscount to a variable. In your choice option, you can add a similar line to mine so that every time the press count increases it changes the variable which triggers the reset on change.

They finally fixed this, didn’t they? I can use resetOnChange: "${button.pressCount}" in my multiple choice component.