Combining Graphs

I have been having issues with my graphs, I have a lot of seperate graphs and I want to be able to put them all onto one folder so that I do not have to click through my account page a lot and just be able to hide/show when I want to see them. None of the graphs already have folders because I know you can’t do subfolders on desmos (update!) and I would like to be able to combine them all into one without having to copy and paste each equation every time, which is what I am currently doing. Is there a way to do this or will I have to ctrl+c and ctrl+v every single equation?

Thank You!

There’s no easy way to copy to combine, only whole graph.

Good news! Theres a not super secret (but not widely known) trick for adding one graph into another!

  1. make sure the graph you’d like to add in has no folders
  2. In the destination graph, make a new folder, leave it unnamed
  3. copy the URL for the source graph and paste it into the space where you would put your folder’s name
    Jun-03-2020 10-16-48