Correct Answer Dependent on Previous Answer


I want to create an activity where students take orders (as if in a restaurant) then calculate the tax and tip. I would like students to input the total of the order, the tax, and the tip. The tax and tip will depend on the total they input.
Is there a way to say that a cell is correct if it is 1.07x (where x is the value of the order that the student previously input)?

Thank you!

You can make a variable in your CL for the total depending on where/how that is entered or calculated, then use numericValue:

total= studentInput.numericValue #if it's student entry in an input
check= numericValue("\round(${cellContent(1,1)},2)=numericValue("\round(1.07*${total},2)")

I’ve added rounding to decimal places. You can then use the variable check for correct sinks, or for feedback.