Correct sink for table not working

I’m making a refresh lesson on calculating with negative numbers and instead of having 1 question per slide as I did in my previous activities, I decided to put 8 to 10 questions on one slide in a table. Downside is that I cannot quickly see which questions my students are getting wrong. So I decided to program a correct checkmark in the teacher dashboard when they get at least 75% correct. For some reason it is not working (I just get a grey dot). I have been staring at it for ages, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

In the table component I have this
correct: total>=75

total is being calculated correctly (it gives me the correct number between 0 and 100)

Sorry, this is the correct link to the activity slide

Table E1 needs “readOnly: true”, so that it is ignored for the dashboard checkmark. If it still doesn’t work, it may be because students won’t be interacting with the correction table. Usually it’s better practice to put your “correct:” sink in the component where student work occurs.

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Yes, this is correct. Even putting readOnly: true in the first table will not make the teacher dashboard checkmark. Put the readOnly: true in the last table and put your correctness check in the first table.

Thanks so much for these tips!
(I only started CL about 2 months ago and have been learning by copying and editing other peoples slides)

readOnly: true in the last table and the correctness check in the first table has solved my issue.

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