Dashboard check mark for MC with explanation

I’d like to get a check mark on the teacher dashboard for a multiple choice question when they also have to explain. I am planning to check their individual responses but would like to see a class overview in real time to provide feedback as they work if they’re incorrect.

Right now the “dot” shows up instead of the check mark because of the “explain your reasoning” and I don’t know how to “ignore” the explanation section for the dashboard check.

The dot means that the student is correct; if they get the choice wrong, it shows a cross. So you can still monitor who is correct and who isn’t in real-time.

The only other option is to separate the “explain your answer” bit into a text box on a following slide, so that there is only the MC component in the original slide and therefore the tick/cross as expected.

What you can do is not click the “Ask student to explain their answer” and instead go into the CL layer and type showExplain: TRUE

This will still provide the students with the explanation box without triggering the grey dot.


Just an fyi this behavior is likely to change soon to match our other correctness conventions.

Thanks for the heads up.
Question: with the change, will it still prompt the explain box and just show a grey circle instead of the checkmark? I only ask so I can preemptively adjust activities where I used this tactic.

Thanks as always!

Hopefully this will also come with the ability to manually mark student screens “complete” in the dashboard, which still fulfills the philosophy of assessing student work, but not unreasonably expecting teachers to memorize the students that already have been assessed.

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