Dashboard Summary not showing 'Correct'

I have two slides that are not displaying as expected when I’m viewing a class dashboard and looking at the summary. I have a minimum working example here.

To clarify, the slides display correctly for my students. However, when I’m viewing the whole class summary on the dashboard, I don’t see the check mark for individual students who have answered these correctly, just the dot.

The first is a multiple choice with something marked as correct in the CL:
correct: carvsandy.isSelected(1)

The second slide has a multi-select that displays correctly (to the student) if and only if both of the correct two are selected and none of the others are. However, I haven’t been able to get the ‘correct’ sink to work for that one on the dashboard either.

Can someone please help identify what I’m missing (or have done wrong) so that I can see the ‘check mark’ display on the summary page of the dashboard as I’m monitoring my class progress?

Credit for the original graphs and questions belongs to another user; I merely added some novice code to the CL.


The dot means “nothing is incorrect but there’s something on this page that cannot be marked automatically”. In this case, the “explain your thinking” bits can’t be marked automatically so that’s why it’s a dot rather than a tick.

You can still monitor accuracy using the dot, because if a student is wrong then there will be a cross instead.