Dashboard displays for latex input

Hi Everyone,
so I have started giving students automated feedback in their practice (just right or wrong) as well as assigning auto-graded points when they correctly enter an expression such as y=3x-5 for the equation of a line.
Is there a way to get the dashboard to show a check for such inputs?
Is there a way to customize the dashboard beyond just x, dot, check, and warning?



No customization.
A dot appears if there is an element that a teacher would need to look at (e.g. text input, explain prompts), or a component that can be graded, but doesn’t have criteria for that.

To get a check, gradeable components need readOnly:true, so that it’s ignored, or correct: your conditions here. So, however you’re giving a student feedback that they’re correct, those are the conditions you need in the correct sink.

A dash appears when a student visits a slide that has nothing graded or requiring a teacher’s observation.

Thank you, this is very helpful. I got my checks to all work!